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W E L C O M E;
Hello, and welcome to RPG Hiring! This is a community dedicated to finding players for specific games, and pimping out, trying to FIND players.

Play someone specific and want to find a home for them, but stuck looking in all the wrong places? Look no further, RPG Hiring is here for you! Just post your application, or writing sample, or whatever, and if a mod from a game looking from that character sees you, they'll let you know!

Obviously, you still have to follow the player rules of that specific game once you've made the connection, but this community is set up to be a stepping stone, of sorts.

Mods, or other players from games. Looking for a certain character who you'd really love to have in your midst, but just CAN'T seem to get a hold on, no matter who you ask? Post it here! Try to include a larger amount of characters for people to pick from, rather than posting 'I want so and so' in one post, and then thinking about it, coming up with another, and adding another one-line post to the community.

This is meant to be relaxed, so for the moment we don't have a SET posting template, although here are a few things you should keep in mind, when posting looking for a new place to play.

Name; something muns can call you, unless you'd rather be anonymous and playing exclusively with a character name.
Age; some RPs have age limit, and that WOULD be a deciding factor.
Who you'd like to play; try to be flexible and add more than one character you'd be intrested in. Some characters can be harder to cast than others, and some can be swiped up quicker than others.
RP sample; just so the mods can see if you're any good.

R U L E S ;

Just a few, more will be added as needed

No Flaming; We're not here to judge.
No spamming; this counts as a one-week rule. if you PERSONALLY post for yourself more than once a week, or pimp for the same characters more than once a week, your post will be deleted and you will be warned. If you do it repeatedly, you'll be banned from the community.